Vintage is Green

IMG_0370Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; the three R’s of our “green” age. While we all do our best to reduce our consumer footprint, buying vintage hits all three. By reusing furniture and accessories that have already enjoyed a full domestic life, you are reducing the resources that are used to create new furniture, furniture that you ostensibly needed. Here’s an exerpt from a recent Huffington Post article by Jenna Woginrich:

Going vintage is going green. Whenever you buy anything retro, used, second-hand, vintage, whatever you want to call it — you’re doing us all a favor. You’re keeping junk out of landfills, reducing your personal carbon footprint, saving yourself some cash, and possibly making your apartment a little cooler (c’mon who doesn’t like knowing they have the only set of purple 1970’s West Virginia iced tea glasses on the block, eh?)

At Mid Century we are committed to going green in as many of our business decisions as possible. Our mission is to engage in business ethically with all, and that includes the environment. Come exercise your R’s and find a green treasure for your home!

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